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What Clients Say

I am an experienced paramedic, with awards and decorations, with over 20 years of experience. Recently I was terminated from my employment through no fault of my own. I had applied for unemployment compensation and was denied. I reached out to Attorney Lasko. After a thorough and extensive consultation with Attorney Lasko, where he was able to analyze my termination and give me a firm understanding of what my legal rights were as to wrongful termination and unemployment benefits, I retained Attorney Lasko. Attorney Lasko was able to put together a highly effective letter that was sent to my former employer which resulted in my re-employment and the winning of unemployment benefits in the appeal process that covered unemployment benefits for the time I was out of work to the time of my re-employment. Although it is Attorney Lasko’s policy not to guarantee results, the results he obtained for me through his keen insight, quick action, and years of tempered experience, which he put in effect as he negotiated with my former employer were beyond any expectation I may have had.

Results speak and Attorney Lasko delivered!

I recommend Attorney Lasko without reservation!

– Eric, EMTP

Attorney Lasko was one of three attorneys referred to me by Outten & Golden. I hired Attorney Lasko because he was prompt and proactive. He helped devise an exit strategy from my former employer, then navigate through the separation, which was done so amicably. Moreover, I was able to successfully secure the maximum severance package allowable from my former employer on the terms that I desired. Overall, it was a positive experience, and I have able to remain on good terms with my former employer. This was a win-win situation. I highly recommend Attorney Lasko.

– Irene

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