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William J. Lasko, Attorney at Law, LLC, provides employers and employees with a full range of legal advocacy. In addition to labor and employment law issues including SEC whistleblower cases, federal false claims matters and workplace retaliation, I handle real estate transactions and disputes, personal injury claims, pension issues and probate, among others.

Licensed To Practice In Connecticut, New York And Washington, D.C.

Winning Strategies For Employee-Related Concerns

Today’s employment prospects can be uncertain. For this reason, employees are often afraid to speak up for their rights for fear of losing their job. Regardless of the job market, your employer has certain obligations mandated by state and federal labor law. When your coworkers with skills similar to your own are getting a higher wage or better opportunities than you are, it may be time to take your employer to task for answers. Workplace discrimination is illegal, so is sexual harassment, retaliation and wrongful termination.

Discerning whether your employer has engaged in unlawful behavior can be difficult on your own without the help of an experienced labor law attorney.

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I am William J. Lasko, and one of my primary goals as an attorney is to safeguard the workplace and protect the rights of employees. Drawing from insight and knowledge gathered in 30 years as an attorney, I provide critical information for employees as well as the guidance and legal representation they need. I also assist employees with complex matters from Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) whistleblowing cases, severance negotiation and unemployment appeals to workers’ compensation.

Practice Areas

Advocacy For Employees

Advocacy For Employees

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SEC Whistleblower Cases
SEC Whistleblower CasesLearn More
Severance Negotiations

Severance Negotiations

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Workers' Compensation

Workers’ Compensation

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Representation For Employers

Representation For Employers

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Other Areas Of Practice

Other Areas Of Practice

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Comprehensive, Responsive Services For Employee-Related Concerns

Resolving crisis in a timely manner can save the reputation of your small to midsize business.

In an age of social media influence, your business’s reputation is paramount. Responding to unfavorable lawsuits quickly is also essential to mitigate a costly courtroom battle. Negotiation and mediation are powerful tools to alleviate escalation of disputes. But not all conflict can be resolved at the negotiating table or courtroom steps. There are times when litigation will be necessary to obtain the best possible outcome. The sooner you speak with a knowledgeable attorney, the better for your business.

My law firm, William J. Lasko, Attorney at Law, LLC, provides legal services based on more than three decades of business acumen. I can help you not just with resolving crises, but also with proactive methods to avoid legal battles, such as prioritizing compliance matters. I can help you with business and employment contracts, developing employment policies, Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) issues, and defense against employee claims, among other matters.

Effective Legal Representation: Enforcing Your Rights And Protecting Your Interests

There are many times when individuals and businesses need highly effective legal help to overcome the challenges they are facing. When you are facing legal issues, as either an employee or employer, or if you are facing some other type of pressing legal matter, you deserve the assistance of a lawyer who has the experience necessary to generate the positive results you need.
William J. Lasko, Attorney at Law, LLC, is a full-service law firm. My experience includes everything from helping employees of Fortune 500 companies fight their former employers to dealing with complex whistleblower retaliation issues. That experience makes a significant difference for my clients. It can make a difference for you. Contact my office in Stamford at 203-614-9805 or send me an email for a free preliminary consultation.

Equal Opportunity
Employment Case:$2.1 Million Settlement

The Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (EEOC) takes a strong stance against sex discrimination in the workplace. William J. Lasko, Attorney at Law, LLC, was instrumental in a monumental victory for women in the workplace.

Meet William J. Lasko

Knowing your rights is the first step in protecting them. At William J. Lasko, Attorney at Law, LLC, I have spent more than 30 years helping people understand and protect their rights.

Client Testimonials

“Attorney Lasko was one of three attorneys referred to me by Outten & Golden. I hired attorney Lasko, because he was prompt and proactive. He helped devise an exit strategy from my former employer, then navigate through the separation, which was done so amicably. Moreover, I have been able to successfully secure the maximum severance package allowable from my former employer on the terms that I desired. Overall, it was a positive experience, and I have able to remain on good terms with my former employer. This was a win-win situation. I highly recommend attorney Lasko.”
– Irene

“I am an experienced paramedic, with awards and decorations, with over 20 years of experience. Recently, I was terminated from my employment through no fault of my own. I had applied for unemployment compensation and was denied. I reached out to attorney Lasko. After a thorough and extensive consultation with attorney Lasko, where he was able to analyze my termination and give me a firm understanding of what my legal rights were as to wrongful termination and unemployment benefits, I retained attorney Lasko. Attorney Lasko was able to put together a highly effective letter that was sent to my former employer which resulted in my re-employment and the winning of unemployment benefits in the appeal process that covered unemployment benefits for the time I was out of work to the time of my re-employment.”
– Eric, EMTP